Evrópusamtök lækna lýsa yfir stuðningi við yngri lækna í Póllandi

A number of junior doctors in Poland have gone on hunger strike over poor pay and working conditions, and healthcare funding. The Standing Committee of European Doctors fully supports them and hopes negotiations can soon bring positive results.


The protest action follows several appeals to the Government to take action on the unacceptably low level of public expenditure for healthcare in Poland. The current level of expenditure does not yet at all cover the justified needs of the population and is by far insufficient to ensure proper working conditions for health care professionals. Doctors in specialist education have insufficient salaries, and many are working several jobs to afford housing and other living expenses.  

‘It is important to find a resolution to the difficult situation of the Polish healthcare system. We support these Colleagues in their strive for better working conditions.’ argued Dr Jacques de Haller, President of the Standing Committee of European Doctors.

‘Budgetary restraints have huge impacts on the healthcare sector. We call on the Polish Prime Minister to pursue efforts to better finance healthcare in Poland and to allow for better working conditions of health professionals.’


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