Ályktun stjórna norrænu læknafélaganna um ástandið á Gaza

Stjórnir allra norrænu læknafélaganna hafa samþykkt eftirfarandi ályktun um ástandið í Gaza.

“We, the National Medical Associations in the Nordic countries, urge our governments to demand that international humanitarian law is upheld without exception in Gaza. The killing and maiming of civilians, including healthcare workers, must stop immediately. We call for a ceasefire without delay and the release of all hostages. Sufficient humanitarian aid must be delivered to Gaza urgently to ensure that no civilians suffer or die from dehydration, hunger or from the lack of shelter or healthcare. All efforts must be made to restore a functioning healthcare system.

In addition to this we want to reiterate our support of the World Medical Associations (WMA) Council resolution on the protection of healthcare in Gaza[1], adopted by the 226th WMA Council session in Seoul, Korea, on April 20th, 2024.”

On behalf of our respective associations,

Camilla Noelle Rathcke
President of the Danish Medical Association

Niina Koivuviita
President of the Finnish Medical Association

Steinunn Þórðardóttir
President of the Icelandic Medical Association

Anne-Karin Rime
President of the Norwegian Medical Association

Sofia Rydgren Stale
President of the Swedish Medical Association


WMA Council Resolution on the protection of healthcare in Israel and Gaza – WMA – The World Medical Association